Friday, February 20, 2009

#3: Brian Jordan - Star Rookie

Brian Jordan was a two-sport "star," playing for three seasons with the NFL's Atlanta Falcons (the evidence of which is hanging around his neck) before embarking upon a 15-season Major League career.

Now, while you may think first of Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders when you hear the term "two-sport star," I've gone and complied a list of other athletes who participated in more than their primary sport. While the level of dedication to each secondary sport ranges from casual dabbling to outright World's Champion, you may raise an eyebrow at one or two of these names.

Chuck Connors - Star of The Rifleman, played for the Boston Celtics as well as the Brooklyn Dodgers and Chicago Cubs.

Ivan Lendl - Had a tennis career just a Wimbledon title shy of a career Grand Slam; broke world land speed record aboard the Blue Flame at Bonnevile Salt Flats, Utah, in 1970.

Dick Tidrow - Journeyman setup pitcher, 1972-1984; first person to pilot a low-altitude hot-air balloon down the entirety of the Ganges River, 1988.

Chuck Cecil - 1992 Pro Bowl safety; pioneer of the Northern Shake table tennis grip introduced at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

Johnnie LeMaster - Light-hitting infielder, 1975-1987; caber toss.

Mario Andretti - 1969 Indianapolis 500 winner; illegal underground Muy Thai champion, proponent of the cobra punch, aka, the Superman punch.

Bill Cartwright - Three-time NBA champion; set up croquet course at 2003 Chicago Bulls front office picnic, came in third.


  1. You very obviously omitted Rennie Stennett! After his 11 year baseball career, he led the Canadian National Curling Team to four straight World Championships. Unfortunately, history has forgotten his post baseball career. The championships were erased from the record books when it was discovered that he was indeed Panamanian.

  2. I had no idea that Cartwright was so talented. Now I have to dig out his cards and add them to the 2-sport star binder on my shelf.