Wednesday, February 25, 2009

#8: Kyle Abbott - Star Rookie

Although Kyle never really lived up to the 18-win expectations Upper Deck had for him, the "Lethal Lefties" part did eventually come to fruition. The upstart United Paramount Network, better known as UPN, aired seven out of the thirteen filmed episodes of Lethal Lefties: The Series, during the winter of 1995. Enjoying a choice time slot between Richard Grieco's Marker and the anthology series The Watcher (starring Sir Mix-a-Lot), Lethal Lefties chronicled the adventures of group of starting pitchers for the Pasadena Halos, who, when pulled from a game for any reason, would join forces to fight crime and solve cases occurring in and around the team's ballpark.

Mark Langston was clearly the breakout star from this group, his performance as "Captain" Ace MacSlider earning him a guest starring role on Sister, Sister as Uncle Ted. Kyle Abbott, Chuck Finley, and Jim Abbott rounded out the starring roster. Ultimately, the program failed, and the six unaired episodes have only been seen through the viewing of scantily bartered bootleg VHS copies that somehow made it out of the UPN vault. No DVD plans are currently in the works.

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  1. Was Kyle hurt by the fact that he was the Abbott with both hands?