Thursday, February 26, 2009

#9: Chris George - Star Rookie

Shortly after this photo was taken, Chris Bosio gave Chris George a knuckle sandwich. The reasons for this act of violence were many, but the primary rationale was twofold in nature.

1. Bosio took offense to George's loosey-goosey interpretation of a knuckleball. Bosio, not a knuckler by trade, but an active practitioner of the Hagakure, the book a traditional samurai commentary, saw George showing other pitchers how one might throw a knuckleball if one just had one's nails done. Bosio posited that this brought dishonor upon his chosen trade, so he dropped George in order to prevent any further defamation.

2. Chris Bosio hates all people whose surname and Christian name could both be interpreted as a first name. Late-1980s Brewers/Yankees matchups stunk to high heaven with animosity whenever Tommy John took the mound, and God forbid Jack Clark would be playing during a 1988 Bosio/John duel. Other players whose heads Bosio hunted included Manny Lee, Dion James, Bob Melvin, and Mitch Webster. Oddly enough, "the Bos" also loved to plunk Wade Boggs; rumor had it that Chris' best friend as a child was a boy named Boggs Clemens. Despite his name, that fucker couldn't hit or throw for shit.

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  1. "...his ability to play in the big leagues is unquestionable." Yes, his ability to play in the big leagues is unquestionable because he did play 2 games. However, his ability to play more than 2 games in the big leagues? Not so much.