Friday, April 17, 2009

#14: Willie Banks - Star Rookie

The overall third pick in the 1987 draft was expected to do better than an overall 33-39 record, althought Banks' true value to his clubs came in the clubhouse. As an amateur magician, Banks holds the MLB record for asking teammates to "pick a card, any card" the highest number of times during a season (442). Twins management took the opportunity to scour his contract at one point in 1993 to see if his trick "Make Me Mordecai," during which he creates the illusion of severing two of the fingers on his pitching hand, violated any of the terms or clauses. After being traded to the Cubs prior to the 1994 season, several rolls of paper towels, a case of David brand sunflower seeds, and pairs of sunglasses belonging to Rick Aguilera and Pat Mahomes were said to have disappeared.


  1. make me mordecai...laf.


  2. Isn't Michael Cuddyer an amateur magician??? What is it with the Twins and illusionists?

  3. yeah, not sure about Willie Banks being a magician, but Cuddyer kicks prestidigitation butt. Just search "Cuddyer magic" at youtube sometime.